Internet Services

Business Internet Service

DMCI Broadband offers a wide variety of affordable hi-speed Internet service plans for your business starting as low as $72.90/month. Choose our annual billing option and receive 1 month of service for FREE!

We are continually expanding and upgrading our network to assure fast and reliable delivery of Internet access to areas most others can't reach. No data limits like those expensive satellite solutions, and our friendly local support technicians are here to help if you need it.

Call us today at 877-936-2422 to get started!

Business Service Plans

Monthly² Quarterly Annually
(1 Month FREE)
3.0M 3.0M 512k $72.90 $218.70 $801.84
4.0M 4.0M 768k $82.90 $248.70 $911.88
6.0M 6.0M 1.0M $92.90 $278.70 $1,021.92
10.0M 10.0M 2.0M $104.90 $314.70 $1,153.92
15.0M 15.0M 3.0M $124.90 $374.70 $1,373.88
20.0M³ 20.0M 5.0M $134.90 $404.70 $1,483.92
30.0M³ 30.0M 10.0M $142.90 $428.70 $1,571.88
40.0M³ 40.0M 10.0M $150.90 $452.70 $1,659.84
60.0M³ 60.0M 20.0M $166.90 $500.70 $1,835.88
80.0M³ 80.0M 25.0M $182.90 $548.70 $2,011.92
100.0M³ 100.0M 25.0M $198.90 $596.70 $2,187.84
Static IP - 1 address $10.00 $30.00 $110.00
Static IP - 4 addresses $11.00 $33.00 $132.00
  • One-time installation fee is $79.00
  • 1 year service contract required; early termination fee is $275.00, or remainder of contract
  • First service payment and installation fee due at time of install
  • FCC reporting requires all businesses to be on business plans

    ¹ Not all speed plans are available in all areas.
    ² Monthly billing requires credit/debit card or ACH direct payment authorization.
    ³ High Speed plans require specific equipment and a proper signal to support these speeds.
      There is no cost to the consumer for this equipment, as normal.