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The paragon of internet connectivity, fiber optic internet service provides unmatched speeds, security and reliability. Data is transmitted by way of light pulsed through buried, flexible, glass fibers.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to be an early adopter of our groundbreaking fiber service. Sign up today to get a discount and we'll offer you service as soon as we're able.

Unlimited Data

We don't limit or throttle your data usage, so you can stream, game, and browse without slowing down or stopping.


Our network is completely underground and non-electric, so it is practically immune to weather and interference.

Extreme Speed

Fiber is the next generation of internet technology, and is able to easily provide speeds other technologies struggle to match.

Additional Services

Home manangement

Manage your home network with our app. Set up parental controls, guest networks, and more.


In-House Signal Extender

Extend the range of your home wifi network.
(one provided free with 1G service)


Our network is still expanding

If you need help making a decision about what plan is right for you, just give us a call and we'll discuss the plan that best fits your needs.