IP Cameras | Security

Security systems that utilize the power of the internet to make their feeds available securely from anywhere while still storing their recordings on premise.

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No Recurring Fees

Once your system is installed, there are no recurring fees. You own the system, and you can access it from anywhere, but we'll always be on standby to help you if you run into trouble.

Your first line of defense.

When it comes to security, the first line of defence is knowledge. IP cameras allow you to monitor your property in real time, even when you're not there. Whether you're taking a look outside in the middle of the night, or managing daily security for your business, IP cameras are a great way to keep watch.

  • Live feeds and recordings can be accessed from your phone wherever you are.
  • Cameras positioned correctly can show when deliveries or guests arrive.
  • Having cameras installed may lower home insurance costs.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes always being able to check in.
  • Live feeds and automatic alerts make it faster than ever to respond to activity.


Recordings are stored on-site, but can be accessed remotely, even in real-time, through a secure connection. This allows you to access your data from anywhere, while still keeping it safe.


Camera deployments can be scaled up and down, allowing you to add cameras as your needs grow, or remove them if you no longer need them. This allows you to keep your system up-to-date with your needs.

Prevents Crime

Few things make a criminal think twice like the presence of a security camera. By installing a security camera system, you can prevent crime before it happens, and have evidence if it does.

Need help deciding?

If you need help deciding how large to make your camera system, or what type of cameras and equipment you need, just give us a call and we'll discuss what system would suit your needs.