Underground Contract

In conjunction with DMCI Broadband (DMCIBB) policies and procedures, the undersigned member is requesting DMCIBB to provide physical broadband cable interconnection that would allow the member the ability to subscribe to high-speed broadband service. To be clear, this contract is not an order for broadband service, it is a request to provide a physical broadband cable interconnection to the member premises. In order to comply with this request, the member agrees to meet the following conditions:

  • The member shall grant the necessary Right of Way easements for installation, maintenance and replacement of the underground cable.
  • The cable must be installed at a DMCIBB approved location.
  • The cable will be buried up to 15” below grade. The proposed route of the buried cable will be marked with white paint and be in a straight line, where possible, from the serving vault, to a demarcation box (NID) to be located on the exterior wall of the served structure.
  • The undersigned acknowledges there is the possibility of damage to lawns, shrubs, underground pipes, wires, tanks, driveways, fences, siding, walkways, tiles, etc. Understanding this, the undersigned hereby elects to request underground service and agrees NOT TO HOLD DMCIBB liable for any costs or damages which may be incurred while trenching for, or installing the underground cable.
  • It is the responsibility of the undersigned member to mark and expose their own facilities.
  • DMCIBB will be vibratory plowing the fiber cable from the vault to the NID at the home. This process is the least disruptive to your lawn. Usually within a few weeks of installation, the plow path is unnoticeable. We will leave job site in a clean and workmanlike manner. If, at a later time, further repair is required please submit a repair ticket thru our web site for evaluation by DMCIBB on corrective measures needed.
  • If the private facility (e.g. drain tile) that serves another property is damaged by this construction, the undersigned member agrees that it is the responsibility of the undersigned to repair the damage to the satisfaction of the adjoining property owner.
  • If a private line is unmarked and damage occurs during construction or maintenance, DMCIBB will leave any applicable trench open at that location (if feasible) for the undersigned member to make the necessary repairs, The open trench (left open for repairs) will be the responsibility of the undersigned member to close after repairs are made.
  • In heavily wooded areas, member will clear a sufficiently wide path, separate from driveway, for installation of the cable.

The undersigned member hereby grants to DMCIBB and their employees and agents (including third party contractors) permission to enter upon the property of the undersigned to install and maintain all facilities required to serve this Member. This agreement must be signed and returned to DMCIBB before work can begin.

Does this property have any of the following underground obstructions:

Where do you want the outside box? We cannot guarantee your requested placement of the box will be the best placement for the fiber path but we will make a best effort attempt to accommodate your request and contact you with any questions.